Event Blogging : Why You Should Not Do It

event blogging

This blog post was written few years back on this site, updated in Jul 2019.

Everyone wants to make money quickly on internet, which is little difficult when we talks about free and organic methods.

Blogging is considered as best way to make money online which takes a lot times to start earning. It can take 6 month to one year to make your 1st dollar.

It requires dedication, patience, and hustle but there is some short term blogs too by which we can make money quickly which isn’t a white-hat.

Short terms blog created for short time, There is no big future of such blogs.

There are many types of short term blog and one of the most popular one is “Event Blogging.”

In Event Blogging we create a new blog with intention to rank on any specific event and get huge organic traffic on that event.

Event can be created on topic like : Christmas Day, Result of Any Exam, Black Friday, Any Festivals etc.

On event millions of people search about it, keywords can be like this :

  • Best Christmas Day Images
  • Happy Diwali Wishes
  • CAT entrance exam result

If you’ll rank on first page of google on these types of keywords you can make good money, sometimes $1,000-1,500.

I also created these types of website and sometimes i failed, sometimes i succeed. I had made approx $4500 by AdSense by event blogging, but now i think it is not worth to do it.

I don’t suggest you to do it in 2019, but just educational purposes I would like to share my strategy which worked for me, if you’re thinking to do it, this small guide may help you.

Setup an Event Blog

Google takes little time to rank and index your site, so i always suggest to buy domain and setup site at least 6 month before the event.

Domain :

You should go with any expire domains or may be with EMD.

EMD stands for extract match domains. Like this : bestblackfridaydeals2019.com , merrychristmasimages.net

Having keyword in domain name can rank better on that keyword.

Hosting :

You need not to do a lot customization in these event blog so you can use blogger.com for this purpose. This can handle thousand of traffic without any issue.

Creating Event Blog :

Once you’ve set up blog, write some post on keyword which you’ll get though keyword research.

After writing some long lengthy post, make profile back-links from 50-60 sites and also make back-links though auto approve comment sites.

You can do many spam things here like keyword stuff, access backlink from spam comment sites etc.

You can also buy links from footer/sidebar from any site that increase your ranking too fast. (It’s highly spammed way)

I don’t want to dive more into event blogging, if you want to read in details you should read this post.

Hope you understand how it works, It looks very easy but implementation is really hectic and boring.

Most of the people create blog follow the same strategy sometimes they rank and sometimes not.

Why I don’t suggest you do do Event Blogging ?

I had created many sites earlier and made around $4,500 by AdSense though event blog but now i think it’s trend is end and you shouldn’t do it.

Competition :

From past few year a lot of bloggers started to do event blogging, and that’s why ranking on first page became difficult.

Earlier around 20-30 event blogs were trying to rank on first page now hundreds of sites targeting one event therefore now ranking on first became too difficult.

Many people do hard work from 3-6 months before the event and they fail to come on first page.

On event day you may find many sites on 2nd to 10th page after hard work and wasting their money and time.

Now, authority Sites like NDTV, IndianExpress etc. also rank on first page event day and it’s almost impossible to outrank them.

There is too much competition, and winning percentage is very low and loosing percentage is very high.

AdSense :

Earlier in one AdSense approved account you can add multiple website and your monetization used to enable without any approval.

But now terms & conditions has changed, without approval your site can’t get monetized and most probably they will not approve event blog for AdSense.

Google AdSense Publisher doesn’t get good results though event blog and adsense understand it that’s why the decrease CPC on event sites. On event day your CPC would be 0.02$ to 0.09$.

Adseense Ban

Sometimes, Google AdSense also ban account and so you may loose your account and earned money as well.

Spamming :

We create these sites with one main intension to make money and not to help people.

I’ve seen many sites make sites on result and user hassle a lot to find result.

We should make informative and valuable content to help user and make internet better place for everyone.

We also do keyword stuffing, spam comment, site-wide links etc. these things are wrong according to google terms and conditions.

Long Term Blog are Better :

Creating event blog, making hundreds of links and social signals and then being failed, it’s story of many people (especially newbie).

But why to do event blog you can do much better than this.

I always suggest to create long term niche site rather than creating event blog. That can generate passive income for long run and never get penalized.

In event blogging, if your site doesn’t rank on event your will hard work will be waste but this things doesn’t happen in niche site.

Fake Screenshots :

There are many helpful case studies and guide available that teach you to make successful sites but there are some fake too.

I have seen many people just show you fake screenshot and case studies in facebook groups, blog post to just show off and sell own courses. They are cheating you and it’s scam.

Verdict :

People who teach you event blog aren’t going actually, they left long back and they know it’s not working good anymore.

$1000 in a day ? Sounds good but we don’t make in one day we work for an event from three to six months before event.

A lot of newbies blogger make such blogs and they fail to make money, their all hard work go in vain. They get disappointed and quit blogging too.

I wrote this post to share my experience and tell you toΒ  don’t do event blogging, it’s not working anymore.

This is my first post on this blog, hope you liked my post.

You’re welcome in comments.

53 thoughts on “Event Blogging : Why You Should Not Do It”

    1. Vishal Darsheel

      Yeah keyword stuffing still helpful.

      And people are doing this for short term blog.
      Ex. Search in Google : Republic day Images

      You will finds most of them are ranking and they are doing keyword stuff too.

      Let me know more questions if you have !

  1. By the way u shared the awesome stuff some true points according to you which one is good.event or long term blog

    1. Vishal Darsheel

      It depends on you which you prefer and in which you are passionate.

      In my opinion long term blogging is better. πŸ˜€

  2. Great article, Nicely elaborated.
    Two days back only, I had shared the very same words with an aspiring newbie event blogger.
    I know failing in first 1-2 blogs is natural, well failing with events demotivates…
    Yeah it makes people think from 1000s to Zero.
    So, I also go with long term blogs or micro niche blogs.

    As it’s your first article, I would like to cheer you as you make this valuable post
    and wish best for your blog πŸ˜‰

  3. Swadhin Agrawal

    Hi Vishal,
    Congratulations on the new blog. I hope you post your experience and other tips making it stand out in the crowd. Wishing you all the luck.

  4. Hi, Vishal
    Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable experience. As an event blogger, I faced many wrong things as Site Deindexing, Adsense Baned, etc. Many of time I worked hard for that, and last time, I got kicked by authority sites. I totally agree with you and also say that event bloggers working as a “Professnol Thief”. Don’t mind event bloggers. Overall you shared such as an awesome article. Pls, keep posting and sharing for next time.

  5. Hey ! Buddy its awesome post by the way am one of the victim of CPC I managed to rank my event site but failed to bank ! My traffic literally touched 1L+ but hardly made 89$ if u wish to share screens please let me know .

  6. Awesome article Bruh!
    While i started to read your article at first glance i thought you would pull the same as other bloggers are doing and explain how to rank event and all that.
    but the way you turned up the article that was pretty awesome.

  7. I have been browsing online more than 2 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.
    It is pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all website owners and bloggers made good content as you
    did, the web will be much more useful than ever before.

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