How To Create Amazon Niche Site That Can Make $500+ Per Month

amazon niche site

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money on the internet, There are many ways to do it but i prefer to create niche sites and send traffic through Search Engine (Google), it is the best method and requires less investment.

Now I’ve multiple sites and making four-figure passive income.

Are you interested to learn and do it like me?

You can also make your website and make some money. It’s not so hard and not easy either. It requires patience and consistency.

In this post, I”ll tell you I will tell how to make at least $500 per month income by affiliate marketing.

If you’re totally new in this world, you may be confused with “Affiliate Marketing” term.

Affiliate Marketing :

Actually, It’s marketing arrangement by which an online retailer/merchant pays commission to an external website for sales/leads generated from its referrals ( Unique Link ).

Affiliate Marketing

That’s mean if you’ll do affiliate marketing, you will promote someone else product/service by a unique link on your website and whenever you generate sale/lead you’ll get commission for that.

If you do online shopping then probably many times you purchased product by someone’s else affiliate link and even you don’t know, may be though YouTube description or any product review.

There are hundreds of affiliate networks ; few best are below.

  • ShareASale
  • Amazon Associate
  • Clickbank
  • CJ Affiliate

As you know from the title, This post is about Amazon Affiliate so we will only talk about this.

Why Amazon?

  • Amazon is the biggest & trusted online retailer ; we all prefer to buy from Amazon. The Reader knows amazon and familiar, so they convert well.
  • Almost all goods are available on Amazon and you’ll have access to everything they sell.
  • If someone follows your affiliate link and buys more than one item so you will get a commission for all, It’s a cool thing about amazon.
  • If someone visits though your affiliate link add product in their cart. Until they pay for the products, you’ll be remembered for 90 days, but if someone leaves amazon without purchase but If they buy anything within 24 hours, you’ll get a commission for that.

These were some main positive thing of the Amazon Associate Program, but there are few downsides as well. Let’s check out :

  • It gives commission around 4-10% depending on the category. So, if you promote $50 tech item, you’ll get only $2 that’s very low. Whereas some other networks pay you to commission around 50-80% or maybe more than that.
  • Cookies last for a shorter period (24 hours) whereas most of the other affiliate networks allow 30-day-minimum cookie settings

I told you both the pros and cons of amazon associate program, the commission is low here, and that is why most of the marketer hate it, but if you play smart you’ll get more than expectations.

Amazon niche sites aren’t limited to $500-1000 ; big marketers make in millions with it. Yesterday I saw a site on photography niche on Empire Flippers listed for $934K.

The 5-year old affiliate website was reported to be acquired for over $30,000,000 in cash ​by The New York Times on October 2016.

I’m just telling the potential of the amazon niche site, It’s newbie-friendly guide, therefore,  we will stick with small targets and easy to do technique which anyone can implement with minimal investment.

How To Make Money By Amazon Affiliate Program?

Its concept is simple, for making money with it you’ll need a website/blog where you’ll write product reviews, comparison and buying guides. Such as :

  • Best Digital Camera $200
  • Best Sound Bar under 200
  • D-Link Exo AC2600 MU-Mimo Wi-Fi Router Reviews

When people come to visit your blog, read reviews and visit amazon by clicking on your amazon affiliate link  and make any purchase, then you’ll get a commission for it.

Before making your blog/website you have to research well on which niche/topic you’ll create site.

Criteria To Choose Winning Niche

You’ve to choose niche considering three significant factors :

Interest :

Definitely, You’ve to pick those niches in which you can write or passionate about.

For example, If you’re not interested or don’t know any thing about Fishing, You can’t write a well post and it can be so dull for you and you may quit it. Always pick those niches which you can write.


High Competitive Niche :

Usually High competitive niches are most profitable that’s why they’re high competitive, and for newly created site it’s impossible to rank on those keywords. Google trust those sites which are old, established, which have more inbound links or post.

These niche’s keywords can have a huge search volume or price of that product will also be good/high.

Many people are trying to rank from many months, choosing those niches and thinking that you can rank will be a stupid idea for a beginner. You shouldn’t go for these niches.

Medium Competitive Niche :

These are also very profitable and can have good search volume. It is possible to rank but requires little investment for back-links, content promotion and premium tools.

High-medium level affiliate marketer dominate these types of niches. It’s also not for beginners.

Easy Competitive Niche :

There are many less profitable niches which pro affiliate marketers ignore and they don’t want to waste their valuable time for writing posts and making links for it. $500-1000 can be negligible for them. They make that money in a day.

If you research well, you can find many Keywords/Niche almost zero competition. If you’ll write post on those keywords you may rank one 1st page of google within after 2-3 weeks (on-page, off- page SEO required).

If you play smart, you may also get some good volume, high profitable keywords that are unnoticed. It’s tough to find because most of the high profitable keyword are targeted, but still there are many which you can find. You’ve to research well for it.

Well, we aren’t going to talk about that, Here we will stick with less profitable, super easy to rank keyword that can easily generate $500-1000 per month.

Profit :

You should also consider profit while picking keyword/niche. If you’ll promote $10 or $20 product at the end,your earning will be very low.

Pick those niches in which there are lots of items of all price ranges.

Usually, I don’t write reviews for less than $50 product.

How to know the difficulty of Keywords?

Keywords are search query/phases that we search in search engine, and here you’ll learn how to find difficulty of any keyword.

First of all, let’s see sites which we consider low authority are :

  1. Domain age less than 2 years
  2. Domain Authority Less than 30
  3. Page Authority Less than 25-30
  4. Referring Domains Less than 200 (low-quality links)

Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority are developed by Moz that suggests how well a certain page will rank on SERP. It scores ranges this score ranges from 1 to 100. It’s may not an important metric nowadays but give an overall idea of a website, If the site has less PA than 20-30 then probably new and easy to outrank.

Finding Low Keyword competition :
  • Go to KWfinder or SEMrush, Search any keyword for which you want to know the competition.
  • See which sites are ranking for that keyword, It’ll also show you Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), Incoming Links to that page etc.
  • If 3-4 out of 10 sites are low authority (domain age less than two years, DA <30, PA < 30 ) that keyword can be considered low competitive keywords.

KWfinder and many tools have own their algorithm to tell you keyword competition/difficulty. These tools can’t always be accurate but still worth to check in these tools.

I suggest to choosing keyword after analyzing SERP that is the best way to know the difficulty.

Picking Keywords For Amazon Niche Site

You can’t write on any less competitive keyword, you’ve to work on profitable keywords that increase your sales and give you a high conversation rate. Here are 4 keyword types which you can cover in your site.

1. Top/Best X+ Product (X=number) : These types of keywords work great for affiliate sites, They converts well and generate sales.

  • Top 10 Best Drone Under $200
  • 5 Best Shoes for Morning Walk

2. Product Review : Most of the people search review before buying any product.These types of keywords can give you a high conversation rate for sure. Examples :

  • Dyson V8 Review
  • COWIN E7 Pro Review

3. Comparison : When people compare any product, then most probably their intention of making a purchase would be high. These keyword tends to have very high conversation rate. Examples :

  • Dyson V11 vs Dyson V9
  • FitBit Charge 3 vs FitBit Versa Lite

4. Informational Keywords : These types of the keyword in which user is looking for something that they want to learn. Examples :

  • How much Air Conditioner Costs
  • Learn Piano Online

How To Find Niche For Amazon Affiliate Site ?

Now we’ll see how to find the keyword, and these are a few important things you should consider before choosing a product.

  • Monthly volume should be more than 250.
  • Average Product Price of should be more than $50.
  • Average Amazon customer rating should be least 3.5 for products.
  • No. of Customer Rating & Reviews gives the idea that customer is buying that item or not. If the customer rating should be at least more than 50+

Amazon Departments :

amazon departments

Go to directory page and choose any subcategory, search those products and category in google or any keyword research tool (KWfinder) and find a good profitable niche.

Flippa :

Flippa is a marketplace where people buy/sell websites and online businesses. You can see there are many amazon niche sites listed there. If sites are new (less authority) and making a good amount of money then you can put that site in ahrefs or SEMrush and steal their keywords.

Forum :

There are millions of forum on internet, people like to discuss/exchange their problem and ideas there. If forum ranking on first page of google that’s sign of easy competition keyword. Make a list of forum in your niche put in ahrefs or SEMrush and then find those keywords which are related to Amazon Product. You can rank them very easily.

By doing these you’ll have bunch of keywords. Now we will see how to setup a site in WordPress.

Setup a Blog for Amazon Niche Site

Starting a blog is very easy, You can install and make it live within 15 minutes.

For creating your blog you’ll need two main things which is (i) domain (ii) hosting.

(i) Domain :

A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website. For this website is my domain name.

You’ve to pay for it which cost you around $10 per year. There are many registrar where you can purchase available domain name, choose a short, easy to remember and relevant domain name.

I buy domain mostly from namecheap.

(ii) Hosting :

Hosting Service is a type of internet marketing service that makes your website accessible via world wide web.

There are many hosting companies which offer you different types of packages you can choose which you want.

I suggest you to go with SiteGround which i am personally using on my niche sites, including BlogForGeek. It’s super-fast, affordable and support is fantastic.

How To write Post on Amazon Niche Site ?

You’ve already collected a bunch of keywords by research, and now you’ve to write post on them.

You’ll write post for tier 1 country (USA, UK, CN) so your post should be well written in English.

If you don’t know English very well, you’ll have to hire writers for it.

Google loves long content;  the average content length should be more than 1500 words.

Always check your competitor article and try to write better than them; it will help you to outrank them.

SEO & Link Building

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process in which we optimize our site for search engine (google).

It’s a broad category, which we aren’t going to cover in this post. If you’re noob then you’ll have to learn it.

Installing Yoast SEO or RankMath, make your SEO practices easy and will help you to optimize your site.

Link Building is one of the essential parts of SEO, where we increase the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of that page or website.

Link building can take time, and you’ll need little effort to make links. Sometimes, It can also be expensive but as we are working on easy competitive keyword so we can rank on basic links and few guest posts.

  • Do guest post on good authority relevant sites and earn dofollow links.
  • Do comment on relevant sites and add link there, don’t comment in spammed auto approved sites.
  • Make back-links from social profile sites, they have high authority and many are dofollow as well.
  • You can also make web 2.0 once they come on 2nd or 3rd page that will boost your ranking.

Result :

I had created a site a few years back but started to work in December 2018. I find many keywords as I have discussed in this article and wrote post on it and in six months i reached $500 per month.

amazon niche site earning

There is only 9 articles on that sites, I am not working on this website and still growing, In July 2019 it made $688.77

I’m making $500+ per month passively without doing anything. If i will sell it on flippa it can be flipped around $15,000 which is a pretty good amount for 9 page-site. I don’t want to sell it i believe that just by little effort this site can make $2,000+ per month.

Verdict :

95% people never make even $100 on the internet, sometimes we just make big goals and fails achieve do it. If you’re beginner and don’t have too much money to invest then you should start with small goals and milestones.

For making a successful niche site, you’ve to treat it as a business. Amazon niche sites have huge potential and you can easily make 4 figure income in 6 to 8 months. This isn’t my primary site and i didn’t work well but still i was able to achieve $700 per month mark in 7 month.

I’ve built multiple website, making 4 figure income  (will touch 5 figure soon) every month passively by Amazon Associate.

BTW, There are many things which you’ll not read in this post or any course. You’ll learn though experience.

I took long hours to create this post, hope you liked it. If I missed anything, you can message me. Share this post to support my work, also comment for any query or say hi.

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