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BlogForGeek is basically an internet marketing blog where you can read proven tactics and strategies for running an online business and optimizing it for passive income.

This blog is bit different than many other internet marketing blogs because we mostly cover stuff that works for us.

If you’re looking for any tips – trick or hack for earn some quick money then this blog isn’t for you here we talks to build and grow online businesses or assets that can change your life and make you financial strong.



Vishal Darsheel

I'm creator of this blog, Vishal Darsheel. I would better call myself as a keen learner who trying new things to explore the bit of this huge world. Existence of this blog is also one of the reason of it.

In my life, I’ve spent most of my time using internet and I admit, I’ve made tons of mistakes. But, I learned a lot in last couple of years. It took almost everything to what I was trying to achieve.

I know the value of money, value of time, value of struggle and I would love to encourage many like you. Whatever I’ve learnt so far, I would love to share it on this blog.

Thank you for reading it, Let’s connect on Twitter.


Web Design 60%
SEO 90%
Content Writing 30%